Sunny Brae Golf & Country Club
 3419 Golf Course Road - Osage, IA
"North Iowa's Most Scenic Golf Course"
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General Weekly Activities During Golf Season
  • Women's League - Monday*
  • Men's League - Tuesday*
  • Ladies' Day - Wednesday
  • Men's Day - Thursday
​        * Course is open for general play on league days but may sometimes be         congested.
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Sunny Brae Hours & Calendar
​            CLUBHOUSE HOURS
     Day            Downstairs       Upstairs     
  Sunday              7AM-11AM      11AM to Close
  Monday             8AM-2PM       2PM to Close
  Tuesday            8AM-1PM       1PM to Close
  Wednesday       8AM-3PM       9AM to Close
  Thursday           8AM-1PM       1PM to Close
  Friday                8AM-Noon      Noon to Close
  Saturday           8AM-10PM     10AM to Close