Sunny Brae Golf & Country Club
 3419 Golf Course Road - Osage, IA
"North Iowa's Most Scenic Golf Course"

Clubhouse Manager : Bev Darrow    Grounds Manager: Brad Olson
Phone:  641-732-3435            E-mail:
Nestled in the bluffs of the Cedar River in North Iowa. Sunny Brae Golf & Country Club shows off the beauty of the area.... Established in 1915 by local residents, it is spread out over seventy acres of bluffs, hills and river bottoms.....When it was first established it consisted of 13 holes. Initially grazing sheep kept the grass down and members weeded with table forks....... The course eventually was converted to the traditional nine holes that it is today. The Osage Band Shelter was moved from town to the course by a team of horses to be used as the clubhouse. In 1939 a new clubhouse was built, but unfortunately in 1963 it burned to the ground...... A new clubhouse was built and is currently being used today.... As far as the origin of the name, the story goes like this.. Bess and Harry Johnson were golfing with Tom Ferris when Tom decided it needed a name. Tom looking around and seeing the sunny hills decided it should be called Sunny Brae ("Brae" meaning hillside in Scottish)... Hence the name.....
Hole 1
349 yard
Par 4
Hole 2
318 yard
Par 4

Hole 3
233 yard
Par 3
Hole 4
292 yard
Par 4
Hole 5
273 yard
Par 4
Hole 6
126 yard
Par 3
Hole 7
281 yard
Par 4
Hole 8
312 yard
Par 4
Hole 9
454 yard
Par 5